Venture Firm Meets Product Studio

ShopMade is building category-leading D2C businesses.

Investing, Designing, and Building D2C Businesses

ShopMade builds direct-to-consumer brands but we don’t do it alone. We make creators our co-founders. We have found that the people making waves on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, make great business partners.

Why is this?

They are highly creative, growth-minded and know how to drive attention online. Combine that with our D2C muscle, and it’s a formidable partnership.

What We Do

ShopMade covers the full scope of building and managing a D2C brand

Product Development

Working with our partner network, we find products that consumers love.


We work with top-tier suppliers in North America, Asia, and Europe.


We finance the development and sourcing of products, along with the infrastructure to run the business


Manage the full supply chain of factories, vendors, and partners.


Getting the product from the factory floor to the customer's front door.


Inventory management, dashboards and more.

eCommerce Stores

we design, build, and manage online stores from start to finish.

Customer Service

Communicating with customers and ensuring they are delighted with their purchase


Crafting original brands that resonate with customers around the world.


Work closely with influencers to connect with audiences through tailored marketing.

We are driven by commerce and fuelled by creators.

Frequently Asked Questions

Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) encompasses a wide variety of retail businesses with one common trait: They bypass traditional retail channels to sell straight to the consumer.

At the moment, we are very focused on house and home. Think cooking, kitchware, decor, family, etc.

Successful creators come in all shapes and sizes but we can narrow it down to a few key points: highly creative, engaged audience, and large/growing following. Not sure if you’re a fit? Please reach out and let’s chat!

Of course! We have relationships with talent agencies, managers, and other representatives across the talent industry. If you are a talent rep, please reach out to discuss opportunities.

Are You A Creator?

If you’re a creator with a passionate audience, we would love to hear from you.

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