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How a Custom-Built Podcast is Driving Serious ROI

Tailor made podcast drives meaningful top-of-funnel attention with bottom-of-funnel conversion


Our client, a financial institution, wants to engage with business customers through meaningful connection and solution-based selling.


  • Custom-built podcast
  • Virtual events (quarterly)
  • Gated content packages

Anchored by a custom-built podcast, Mixxable develops a program to attract entrepreneurs and small business owners, with a podcast series on topics like growth marketing, budgeting, hiring, and fundraising.

Each episode comes with an accompanying content package that listeners can find by submitting their information (email, company, revenue range, etc.)

The program is augmented with virtual events throughout the year, bringing together industry leaders to provide a masterclass session. This is an opportunity for potential customers to tune-in live. It also provides a valuable acquisition opportunity.


The program drives meaningful awareness in the market and a consistent funnel of new prospects for the FI. The podcast has quickly become a chart-topper in its category according to Apple Podcasts.

We continue to iterate with new content forms and flavours, to keep the program fresh.

This program has become a top 3 content marketing program for our client and has been running for 2+ years.

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